Art and Science are both about visualizing, observing, interpreting, understanding, and describing the world around us. We work closely with artists in teaching and learning about ice. The artists below are those who have contributed ideas and inspiration! I also enjoy creating my own art - click here to see a few of mine




Maria Coryell-Martin

Maria is a past (and hopefully future) instructor for Girls on ice and Inspiring Girls Expeditions. She has painted in Antarctica, Greenland, and Alaska.




Klara Maisch


Klara is an Alaskan artist and one of the instructors for Girls on Ice and Inspiring Girls Expeditions





Anna McKee

Anna has worked on both the WAIS Divide Ice Core Project and the Combatant Col Ice Core project with me - I love having artists in the field!





















Suze Woolf

Suze is a Seattle-based artist who is always pushing boundaries while exploring natural processes through art. Fire has been her recent emphasis.






Amy Sanford



Amy Sanford's art may not directly connect to glaciers, but it speaks profoundly in many other ways.




Che Milagro Lopez


Che is a Seattle-based watercolor artist. People, cityscapes, and a few landscape, but he captures emotion in amazing ways. And he is fun to go on sketching expeditions with!



Sheila Terese Novak



Sheila was a Girls on Ice participant many years ago. Now an amazing artist!

Glaciers in Art History