Erin in the "Circle of Truth"

Erin is an “expert” on board… that means that she has to give a few presentations to the entire ship and has to chat with people and answer questions all the time. Erin gave her first presentation after being seasick for a day and a half. She needed my help, so I was up there with her. The presentations are in this big circular room from a circular “podium” called the “Circle of Truth.” Go Erin!


A lot of the staff on board are experts and teachers in their own right… this is Rab who is a penguin expert. I’m learning a lot on this expedition!!


First Penguins!!!!!

OMG!!! These are gentoo penguins, super cute… now there are some birds to play with!!! (but again, Erin wouldn’t let me). Here, though, I was scared of the Skua gulls, they were trying to steal the penguin’s eggs. So sad.


We tried to take a photo off the zodiac, but the lighting came out weird, so Erin made it weirder!!


First... Ushuaia.

Before heading across the Drake passage, we got to see a bit of southern Argentina!

Guess how far we are from Alaska?


We are a little closer to Oregon… maybe someday Erin and Sophie will take me to Alaska!

Best part about today, though - was all the birds. Erin didn’t let me chase after them, though. She says that’s not too nice. I guess I can understand, they want to live a peaceful life too. I just wanted to play with them!

IMG_1756 _blog.jpg

Awesome Landscapes too!!!



OMG, Is Erin really taking me to Antarctica?? I woke up at 4am morning - at the airport! but stuck under the handle of this black case. As I rubbed my eyes, I overheard Erin and Jonathan talking about Antarctica! Really?? Sooooo exciting! Just with Sophie were with me… :(. Miss you, Sophie. Love you lots. See you in two weeks!