Traveling Up the Leconte Fjord

by Akua McLeod

Apparently, John Muir once wrote something like you should go to Alaska when you’re young because no other place will ever live up to the beauty of Alaska’s landscape. But I am so glad that I had the chance to see this place – it is dramatic, and stunning, and made me feel very small in a way that only being surrounded by nature can.

The three-hour trip up the fjord to LeConte glacier was absolutely beautiful. When I woke up we were already on the way and I walked outside to expanses of green water, and baby ice bergs, and tree covered mountains disappearing into the clouds. I think I could have spent the whole trip at the stern of the boat – watching the trees transition to steep faces of granite and looking at the seal families that hang out on floating chunks of ice. I ran out without gloves at first, and it was chilly, but my stiff fingers were definitely worth the view. Here are some of my favorite photos:


Seeing the glacier for the first time was pretty magical too and watching my first calving event was so different from anything else I’ve experienced. The LeConte Glacier is a bright blue against the rest of the landscape, and its full of arches, crags and caves made of ice.


Throughout the day, especially when it’s warm out, slices of ice crack and come tumbling from the face of the glacier – making sounds echoing sounds and sending rippling waves and crumbled ice throughout the fjord.

The short story? I don’t think I could ever get tired of this place.