WIGS: Women in IGS



This is a home page for WIGS and WIGSA (so far unofficial groups) of glaciologists who support expanding the presence and contributions of women in glaciology.  

Our goals are to provide peer mentoring for women and community building for all of glaciology. This includes helping with career development for individuals, working to make the climate welcoming across all aspects of glaciology, championing the women among us who deserve recognition, targeting outreach beyond our community to inspire girls and women in earth and climate sciences, with an emphasis on the polar and alpine regions.

We are still growing, if you are interested, please click here:

A few thoughts:

  • WIGS members, please consider joining the Earth Science Women's Network.
  • We have a facebook page that is private to WIGS and WIGSA members only. We would like to keep discussions on this page productive and respectful, please be considerate. It will not be officially moderated, but we may moderate discussions if we feel they are not productive and respectful. 
  • Future activities! Please let us know if you have ideas for future gatherings at meetings or other supportive activities (such as making a concerted effort to nominate women for awards). The facebook page is probably the best for these discussions for now. If you do not have a facebook page, feel free to send me (Erin Pettit) a message here:

What are WIGS and WIGSA Members doing? and How can you Help?

This is a growing list, please use the WIGS Ideas button to request additions or modifications to this list.

Consider having at least two women on a remote field team during field work, especially if one woman is new to field work.

Nominate your favorite WIGS member for an award - women are still extremely underrepresented in community honors across the sciences.

Reach out to a new WIGS member or budding glaciologists: role models make a huge difference in our lives.

Mentoring: see Erin Pettit's ideas on mentoring here.