Women on Ice 2016:

A Fundraising Expedition


Please check back soon for more details on the planned 2017 Women on Ice Fundraising Expedition!

We have received a significant amount of interest in the fundraising expedition but many women expressed a need for more time to fundraise and plan for the trip. We are working now to schedule the 2017 trip and hope to announce the dates, itinerary and cost by the end of this summer. 

If you are still interested in supporting Girls on Ice 2016, come join the girls as they hike to and from basecamp on Mt Baker! As a gear hiker, you and a small group of women will help the team carry their food and supplies on July 12th or 19th. For more information on how to participate as a gear hiker, please contact volunteer@girlsonice.org.

Women on Ice: A Fundraising Expedition

Explore with us! In the summer of 2016, we are offering a Women on Ice fundraising expedition on Mount Baker from July 21 through 26.

We thank the North Cascades Institute for partnering with us to make this happen.

Girls on Ice has changed the lives of nearly 200 girls - from *all* backgrounds - by giving them a chance to challenge themselves, to explore a new landscape, and to visualize themselves as scientists, artists, and adventurers. We especially strive to provide this expedition for girls who otherwise wouldn't have many opportunities to explore and challenge themselves.

Therefore, we invite you to join this fundraising expedition to challenge yourself and help us raise funds for future Inspiring Girls Expeditions!

Click here to watch a film produced by two Seattle high school girls about Girls on Ice.

(password womenonice)

Over the 15 years of Girls on Ice, I’ve seen the powerful effect of this program on girls from all backgrounds. I want to share that excitement and inspiration girls have received from Girls on Ice - from exploring a new landscape of people, places, and ideas - with women too. I hope Women on Ice will not only help raise funds for Girls on Ice, but also empower women of all ages to challenge themselves physically and intellectually, to stimulate their curiosity and desire to learn.
— Erin Pettit, Girls on Ice Founder

The expedition will be led by Girls on Ice founder and glaciologist Dr. Erin Pettit, botanist and biologist Dr. Kari Stiles, and glaciologist Aurora Roth.

Girls on Ice started in 1999, it is is a unique, FREE, wilderness science education program for high school girls. Each year two diverse teams of teenage girls spend 12 days exploring and learning about mountain glaciers and the alpine landscape through scientific field studies with professional glaciologists, ecologists, artists, and mountaineers. Our goals is to give this amazing opportunity to girls who don't have access to many opportunities and for those we feel we can have a huge impact on their life.

“Girls on Ice is not a reward for past good grades or academic achievement, it is an inspiration for future success.”

Following the philosophy of Girls on Ice, Women on Ice will integrate art and science to explore the mountain and glaciers, and their place in the local ecosystem and global climate. We ask for only moderate backpacking experience and a willingness to observe and ask questions! This expedition is aimed at exploring, asking questions, and making observations, rather than the technical side of glacier travel and climbing.

We are asking for a minimum donation from you of $4000 (of which $3250 is tax deductible).

Contact (women@girlsonice.org) if you are interested and see details below.

artwork by  klara maisch

artwork by klara maisch

Gulkana Glacier, Alaska

The location of

 Girls on Ice Alaska Program


Klara Maisch

We will explore ideas in geology, glaciology, volcanology, botany, ecology, art, climate change, mountain weather, women in science, field teaching pedagogy, and the philosophy of Girls on Ice. Whether these are new subjects to you or you are an expert, there will be something for everyone to learn, and we will all learn from each other!

A tentative itinerary (except for the beginning and end, we may change things based on hiking conditions and weather).

  • 7/21/2016 Meet at farm in Marblemount for evening dinner and introductory activities
  • 7/22/2016 Hike to camp near Railroad Grade
  • 7/23/2016 Day of exploring towards the Deming Glacier overlook
  • 7/24/2016 Day of exploring towards the terminus of Easton Glacier
  • 7/25/2016 Day of exploring towards Cathedral Crag
  • 7/26/2016 Hike back to cars

The program is limited to nine women, if you are interested please fill out the application and statement of interest by clicking the button below by June 1. We will choose from among those interested, nine for this year's expedition, based on seeking a diversity of ideas and interests on the team. We wish we could take more than nine! But we are limited by Forest Service regulations. If there is a stronger interest than we expected, we will plan future Inspiring Women Expeditions in 2017 and beyond!

We will provide food and group supplies.

We will provide an equipment list. In general we expect you to provide much of your own equipment, but we can provide some major items such as a backpack and shared tent space if necessary. We also expect you to provide your own transportation to the farm and trailhead (we encourage carpooling!)