I met a lot of friends down in Antarctica. Besides the penguins and seals (oh, I haven’t posted about seals yet!). Here are a few of my friends…

Daniel is a teacher from Hawaii.


Oh, here’s Dan again, with Donnie - another teacher. He was from Kentucky. The teachers were by far the most fun to hang out with.


Here’s Daniel taking a photo of a Viking. A viking??? Yes, a viking. They apparently managed to cross the equator and travel all the way from the far north to the far south - the human version of the Arctic Terns!

Guess what vikings bring! Hot Choco!! My other best friends.


This is Jared, he had the strongest southern accent on the ship.


I met Jen, from Vancouver BC, and Naomi, from Perth Australia, on the first day. They were good buddies until the last day.


And Sally. Who could every forget Sally. There were many more (there were 160 or so passengers on the boat, too many to take photos of!). These are just a few…